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Where Tradition, Legacy, and Compassion Unite - Making a Difference One Purchase at a Time

When you purchase anything from the Chaisbek, you not only become a part of our family and tradition, but you also make a donation to the Chaisbek Charity Fund. We are on a mission to build Canada’s largest shelter for abused and homeless men, women, and children. Chaisbek donates 20% of our proceeds to our charitable organization. The Chaisbek name is rooted in family history and holds two incredible people’s legacies in its letters. The name tells a story of love, loyalty, honor, and hard work. Chaisbek is a combination of my grandparents’ names. Charlotte was married to my grandfather, Isaac, and they shared Bekoe as their last name. Isaac served as a police officer for his entire career. He protected his family fiercely and acted with honor. Perhaps most importantly, though, he was a doting, supportive husband, father, and grandfather. Charlotte was a trader, and her business acumen ran deep. She loved fearlessly, acted bravely, and remained the foundation of our family for her entire life. Charlotte and Isaac provided for their family in endless ways, and they tried every day to make the world a better place. All that I know and everything that I am can be traced back to my grandparents. My leadership, entrepreneurial spirit, ambition, courage, and love all come from Charlotte and Isaac. The first three letters of Charlotte, the first two letters of Isaac, and the first three letters of Bekoe form the name (Cha)(is)(bek). Charlotte and Isaac Bekoe – their lives, values, histories, and achievements – are at the very heart of Chaisbek. We hope you wear or use Chaisbek products with pride because you have just made a profound difference. Isaac and Charlotte Bekoe lived full, authentic, generous lives. I started Chaisbek to make them proud, honor their stories, and bring about the change they wanted to see in the world. Those of us here at Chaisbek are working hard to continue their tradition of kindness, positivity, and change-making. The Chaisbek history has only just begun.