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You can’t seem to find the right Knkie Multiple Pleasure Set mix? No worries, simply send us an email at [email protected] with photographs of the toys you’d want to combine, and we’ll check our stock to see if it’s available, then create it for you and add it to the shop because we  value you and prioritize your desires. After that, we’ll send you a link via email to complete your own mixed order.


The Knkie Multiple Pleasure Set is all about bringing out your inner freak, we’ve chosen to include a 10-piece PU leather BDSM bondage kit with every order.

For your complete pleasure, we have mixed and matched different types and functions of toys. We came up with the idea of giving you not just one, but multiple different pleasure toys.


Why buy one when you can receive three different pleasure toys at the low price, plus a complimentary 10pc PU leather BDSM Bondage play package from us? Get your freak on, Knkie is all about bringing out your inner freak. We know how important it is to be pleased in all aspects of your life, especially in the bedroom. Allow your Knkie Multiple Pleasure Set to bring out the freak in you, and may the pleasure begin.



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Free 10pc PU Leather BDSM Bondage Kit

i. Bird Sucking Vibrator
ii. Wand Vibrator/ Massager

iii. Wearable Vibrator



The color of the product will be determined by the availability of in-stock products; we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause****


We are on a mission to build Canada’s largest shelter for abused and homeless men, women and children. The Chaisbek brand donates 20% of our proceeds to our charitable organization.

When you buy something from the Chaisbek, you’re not only supporting our family and tradition, but you’re also supporting the Chaisbek Charity Fund.

 You have just made a significant difference by shopping with us, Isaac and Charlotte Bekoe lived full, authentic, generous lives. I started Chaisbek to make them proud, honor their stories, and bring about the change they wanted to see in the world. Those of us here at Chaisbek are working hard to continue their tradition of kindness, positivity, and change-making.

The Chaisbek history has only just begun.

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Material: 97% Polyester, 3% Elastane


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