Being a boss lady on the street and a freak in the sheet takes work, I love being a woman because I can flip positions, be dominant or submissive, and walk the talk.

You need to be the badass babe that takes charge and gets things done while yet being the flawless woman everyone wants to be.

Every day, there are a variety of ways to make your partner feel sexy. To begin, you must tell them how attractive they are on a daily basis. I know I look good, but I still need you to tell me so; it\’s as simple as that haha. You can start by asking \”Do you mind if I go down on you, babe?\” That\’s the boss lady and the freak talking, your partner will be giggling, laughing, and excited because you\’ve sparked a fire that only you can put out.

What’s the best way to put out this fire? Begin by going down on them, be spontaneous; if you don’t feel like going down, that’s fine; just get your freak on in any way you can to make your partner and yourself feel alive while together. Make every minute together feel like the last, and simply go off sexually with each other, in the bedroom, on the kitchen floor, in the living room, anywhere you want to mark your territory (no public places).

Make your partner aware that being and feeling sexy is a state of mind, and that you will do whatever (safely) to let them know and feel like they are the only one for you.

Create a safe, non-judgmental zone for open and deep conversations by being upfront with each other and having all of the \”weird\” conversations. I enjoy having long conversations with my partner before, during, and after sex, and believe me when I say that all of our sex is bomb haha. I’m sure he’ll see this and say, \”Damn girl, you didn’t have to put our business out there like that!\” But, hey, I’m here to tell you that you can be both the boss on the streets and the freak in the sheets while running your business. When spending these intimate moments, sex toys will always play a vital role; The Knkie Multiple Pleasure Set toys give you a variety of options to choose from; the best part? You can create your own Knkie Multiple Pleasure Set from scratch by sending us an email at We’ve decided to throw in a complimentary 10-piece Pu leather BDSM Bondage play kit with every order since we want to bring out the freak in you. Experiment with your partner, try new things, and simply have a good time. And oh, don’t forget to get your freak on. Knkie will definitely bring out your inner freak.

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