Create Your Own Knkie Multiple Pleasure Set Or Get Our Mixed Knkie Multiple Pleasure Set

Consensual sex and play are not only hot, but it is also respectful to all parties involved, and we at Knkie strongly believe in consent before play.

We all know that life is all about making choices, but what if you can\’t decide between your options? So we came up with the idea of combining three separate pleasure toys for your pleasure and convenience while keeping our pricing as low as possible.

With every toy purchase on Knkie, you get free shipping and a 10-piece Pu leather BDSM Bondage play kit as a freebie. If you don\’t like our combination, create your own by sending us an email to [email protected] along with images of the three toys you\’d want to combine, we\’ll create it for you and send you a link to purchase your own mixed toys creation.

We provide tailored services to meet the specific demands and needs of each of our clients; we are all unique, and we believe in pleasing to be pleased.

We surely prioritize your wants and desires; after all, Knkie is all about you! Explore with us and please be sure to use our 10-piece Pu leather BDSM Bondage play kit as well, try new things with your partner, different positions, kinky role plays to spice things up.

Just remember to get your freak on, Knkie is all about bringing out your inner freak.

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